WebNoteEditor V2.0 Multi-language

++ Introduced multi-language package, supporting Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English.

++ Added toolbar customization.

++ Added user-defined plug-ins. Developers can add their own plug-ins, written in vbscript or javascript, into the editor.

++ Added multipart components, supporting UTF-8, and GB2312 encoding.
++ Enhanced manual uploading. One can use Windows paste function in manual uploading mode.

++ Improved the uploading file size limitation in manual uploading mode.

++ Added support to https protocol.

+ Improved the form submit page. New page is more user-friendly.

+ Fixed the incompatible issue when copying and pasting text and pictures from Microsoft Word.

+ Fixed the issue that newly modified pictures or water-prints could not be displayed immediately, due to Internet Explorer cache mechanics.

+ Fixed the bug in the versions below IE 5.5 that pages could not be successfully loaded.

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