Welcome to use WebNoteEditor. It enables programmers quickly deploy the online editing functions to their application. Users of WebNoteEditor could easily edit and publish the contents.


Features: This editor not only has the common on-line editor features, but also has the following functionality:


1. Automatically uploading clients’ pictures(including those pasted from Microsoft Word program); Exceeding the limitation of anti-link from servers abroad, having the ability to link the pictures and flash pages. When there are pictures and flash pages changes in the link, it could also automatically delete them to reduce the file size and save the disk space on the server.


2.While using this editor, users do not need to install any plug-ins. Some plug0ins are required only when advanced functions are used.

3.Support the properties of common HTML objects (buttons, cells, forms, layers, pictures, flash, scroll bar, etc)


4.Capable of displaying the flowchart, and to the maximum extend keeping the original format of Word document.


5.Support extra-large attachment uploading. Even for the size of 50MB attachment, it could upload to the server. What’s more, there is little difference, in terms of server resources, to the uploading file sizes.


6.Support direct picture pasting from Paint or Photoshop graphic editing tools to the editor. It requires plug-in installation.


7.Capable of limiting the remote file size. If the remote file size is too large to the server, it could detect before loading, therefore reduce the cost on the server.


8.Word counting to Chinese characters as well as English words.


9.Support editing css to HTML objects.


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